Creative Music Workshops

Creative Music Making for adults with learning and/or physical disabilities.

I am no longer running these workshops. I am concentrating on writing and recording. However, I still believe this kind of work is very effective and important, and if anyone would like more information please contact me using the ‘contact’ link on this website.

Rosemary Schonfeld has run Creative Music Making sessions for:

  • The Home Farm Trust
  • The Norah Fry Research Centre
  • Scope
  • Mencap
  • The Robert Owen Foundation
  • The Parkview Society
  • Korcare
  • The Alzheimers Society 

The beneficial power of drumming is increasingly recognised by health and medical professionals as an effective health care strategy.

The main aim of my sessional work is to activate clients’ creativity through music while enjoying themselves with drumming, singing, playing autoharp and light percussion. This helps clients find ways of expressing their potential, and has a positive effect on the development of personal skills. Individuality is nurtured and valued.

Group work encourages co-operation and improves confidence and communication skills. A sense of community is reinforced (particularly when staff and carers take part), while the actual playing helps improve co-ordination and concentration. In some instances the quality of speech improves. 

I work primarily with percussion instruments (congas, bongos, maracas, tambourines, log drums, marimba, a variety of shakers), autoharp (a kind of zither) and voice. Percussion instruments provide the tools for working with rhythm.

The voice is a powerful means of self-expression. In my experience all people with learning disabilities (including autism) and physical impairments (including deafness) respond well to rhythm, and feel empowered. 

Generally I divide my sessions into three sections in order to ensure maximum concentration by clients and to provide a variety of stimulating activity: I would be happy to discuss this general format in more detail.   

I have run weekly and fortnightly sessions with different groups over periods lasting between six weeks and four years. I also offer one off taster/sampler sessions. Individual development can vary greatly over a period of time. In the longer term there have been noticeable and exciting developments by clients with regard to musical skill, speech development, co-ordination, confidence and ability to concentrate for a sustained period.  

I run these sessions as much as possible in the same manner as all my adult drumming workshops, striving to allow each individual access to the multi-faceted and magical world of music.

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