This instruction package is based on an approach to Rhythm and Drumming which I have developed from my Rhythm, Percussion and Drumming workshops.

The purpose is:

1) to enable you to understand the basic principles of Rhythm;

2) to give you the means of understanding Rhythms you listen to;

3) to create your own Rhythms, individually or in a group, using hand drums or other percussion.


This approach to drumming has several different aspects:

a) developing equal control in both hands;

b) exercises useful for individual or group work;

c) working as a group;

d) time cycles which are unusual in Western music;

e) devising your own rhythms;

f) developing interesting cross-rhythms;

g) developing a balance between intuitive and mental faculties while playing;

h) sustaining rhythms for long periods of time.

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Drumātrix is Rosemary's innovative new teaching programme.